Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Task on Photographing People


A challenging assignment

·        Try to include props or something in the background to help your photograph tell a story about the subject.
·        Remember to “Keep it simple”.  Look closely at the background.
·        Lighting is important.
·        Will the subject be looking into the lens or at someone / something else?
·        Direct the subject – boss them around. Ask them to smile, look sad or angry.
·        Remember the angle or position you shoot from has an effect on the final image.
·         Intent! What are you saying about this person?

Photo Assignment:
Find a suitable model and shoot them!
Please show a variety of expressions [3] and use your skills to show them in a way that tells the viewer something about the subject.

Please rename your photos to  “Focus4yourname1”   “Focus4yourname2”   “Focus4yourname3

Photos should be emailed to jimmy.ocarroll@tawaint.school.nz by Sunday 27th July

Focus on Movement

Here are some great photos from our latest focus on "Movement"

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Action Shot

Our next focus is the Action Shot 
·        Focus on the subject of the shot
·        Anticipate where the subject is moving to (with some digital cameras you need to allow for the delay between pushing the shutter and the photo being taken).
·        Don’t be afraid to move the camera as you take the photograph [Pan with the subject, this can create a blurred background which gives a sense of movement].
·  When composing the photos try and leave space in front of the subject.

Photo Assignment:
Take a few action photos. Experiment with trying to pan with the subject of the shot.  Choose 2 photos to send in (one must be a pan shot). Before sending photos in please rename them to “Focus3yourname1”   “Focus3yourname2

Photos are to be emailed to jimmy.ocarroll@tawaint.school.nz by Sunday 8th June.

Light and Shadow Focus

Here are some photos from our recent focus on Light and Shadow.








Pauatahanui Inlet Photography Competition

In late March the school photography club, In Focus, spent the morning at Pauatahanui Inlet taking photos.  We were trying to capture images to enter into the annual photography competition run by the Guardians of Pauatahanui Inlet.

Last weekend the Guardians had their awards function and Tawa Intermediate was well represented in the honours for the junior section.  Ciara Gibson received a Highly Commended award for her Nature photo.  Cerys Lewis received Highly Commended for two of her photos, one in the Nature section and one in the Recreation section.  Michelle Pearson achieved even higher success, winning the Nature Section with her beautifully composed close up of a crab.

We are really proud of the students' success and want to thank the parents who provided the support and transport that made the photography trip and competition entry possible.

Below are the winning photos along with a couple of other photos taken by In Focus members.

Michelle - Winner Junior Nature Section

Thursday, March 20, 2014

2014 Club Members Chosen

The membership for the 2014 "In Focus" Photography Club has been finalised.  I'm really looking forward to working with this group.

Here is a small selection of some of the application photos:

Saturday, February 22, 2014

2014 Applications Open

Applications for the 2014 "In Focus" Photography Club are now open.

Are you interested in photography, keen to learn more and share what you know with others? Then In Focus, the TIS photography club, might be for you.

Members of this club will explore photography techniques, bring in samples of work to discuss, and possible go and view an exhibition or two.

You must be willing to share photos you take, and contribute to discussions about photos taken by other members.  You must also be committed enough to give up your own time as most meetings will happen at lunchtimes.

If you want to apply to be part of “In Focus” then you must email One photo you have taken to Mr O’C (the photo must be sent as a jpg file attached to the email and the file name must include your name).  Include in the email a “Caption” (a title or short explanation) for your photo and explain why want to join the club. Please make sure you include your full name and room number. 

Applications must be emailed to jimmy.ocarroll@tawaint.school.nz before Monday 10th March.

Make sure you follow all the application instructions carefully as failure to do so will lessen your chances of being selected.  If you are not sure about something please ask your teacher or myself.

             Mr O’C