Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 Focus 1 - Image Sizes

IMAGE SIZES - What are Megapixels and Resolution?

In order to print high quality photos you need to save images in a high quality format.  Balancing this is the need to not fill up your file storage too quickly, and that when emailing files you don’t want them too big.

To manage files you need to understand how to make your camera settings high enough to take high quality photos and how to resize them afterwards for other purposes.

Resolution refers to the size of the image that your camera will produce. This is normally referred to as megapixels. Megapixels represent the number of pixels for an image.  For example:  A 1600 by 1200 pixel image is 1600 times 1200 = 1.92 million pixels or 1.92 Megapixels. This would commonly be rounded up and referred to as a 2 megapixels.

Print Size
Final Print Size      Megapixels Image Size on Monitor (pixels)
2.1" x 1.6"                       0.3               640 x 480
4.25" x 3.2"                    1.2               1280 x 960
5.3" x 4"                         2.0               1600 x 1200
6.8" x 5.1"                       3.0               2048 x 1536
10" x 6.5"                       5.3               3008 x 1960
10.25" x 6.8"                   6.3               3088 x 2056
13.5" x 9"                       11.1               4064 x 2704

Photo Assignment:

Your job is to take a photo of at least 4 megapixels, save it as “Focus1yourname4mp.  Resize to 2 megapixels and save as “Focus1yourname2mp.
Resize to 1 megapixel and save as “Focus1yourname1mp.

Photos must be emailed to by Friday 5th April

Note:  A key part of this task is showing you can follow instructions.  Read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly.

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