Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Action Shot

Our next focus is the Action Shot 
·        Focus on the subject of the shot
·        Anticipate where the subject is moving to (with some digital cameras you need to allow for the delay between pushing the shutter and the photo being taken).
·        Don’t be afraid to move the camera as you take the photograph [Pan with the subject, this can create a blurred background which gives a sense of movement].
·  When composing the photos try and leave space in front of the subject.

Photo Assignment:
Take a few action photos. Experiment with trying to pan with the subject of the shot.  Choose 2 photos to send in (one must be a pan shot). Before sending photos in please rename them to “Focus3yourname1”   “Focus3yourname2

Photos are to be emailed to by Sunday 8th June.

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