Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Task on Photographing People


A challenging assignment

·        Try to include props or something in the background to help your photograph tell a story about the subject.
·        Remember to “Keep it simple”.  Look closely at the background.
·        Lighting is important.
·        Will the subject be looking into the lens or at someone / something else?
·        Direct the subject – boss them around. Ask them to smile, look sad or angry.
·        Remember the angle or position you shoot from has an effect on the final image.
·         Intent! What are you saying about this person?

Photo Assignment:
Find a suitable model and shoot them!
Please show a variety of expressions [3] and use your skills to show them in a way that tells the viewer something about the subject.

Please rename your photos to  “Focus4yourname1”   “Focus4yourname2”   “Focus4yourname3

Photos should be emailed to jimmy.ocarroll@tawaint.school.nz by Sunday 27th July

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